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Incognito WINS 3 Awards

Incognito was recently named as a GOLD MEDAL BOOK AWARD from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association in two categories -- General Fiction, and Mystery/Suspense; and a BRONZE MEDAL WINNER in the Historical Fiction category!

Recent Reviews

Terry Lewis has done it again. Former Leon County Circuit Judge Lewis has made the sometimes drudgery of legal work spring to a vibrant life. In his latest crime mystery novel, Fast Break, he has provided readers his typical high-quality work of intrigue with some unique twists...READ THE FULL REVIEW

Review by Lonnie N. Groot for the Florida Bar Journal

Lewis combines crisp writing, honest dialogue, nuanced and layered plotting, and intriguing and complex characters to maximum advantage in this compelling tale of courtroom intrigue and murder. With a startling ending which seems inevitable, and yet also surprising, Fast Break is a five-star winner from an author at the top of his game. READ THE FULL REVIEW

Claire Matturro, author of Skinny-dipping and The Smuggler's Daughter.

FAST BREAK is a gripping tale of social and political intrigue, set against the sweltering milieu of Florida's Panhandle. The shocking twists in this legal thriller come fast and furious. A great read!

Joseph Souza, author of The Neighbor.

"Tense, exciting, beautifully written, this legal thriller is simply fun. I highly recommend it."

Patrick J. Murphy, author of Way Below E.

"Terry Lewis is a gifted novelist, an attorney, and a former judge. This unique mix of talent and experience is the perfect combination for creating a compelling legal thriller and makes Fast Break a page-turner that drips with authenticity and realism. This is the flawless practice of the law on the page in the service of an explosive mystery thriller."   

Michael Lister, New York Times bestselling author of the John Jordan series 

Fast Break is a compelling legal thriller that quickly gathers momentum and builds to a terrific climax. Attorney Kate Marston is a very intriguing and sympathetic character, and I hope we will see her again.”

James L. Thane, Author of South of the Deuce

INCOGNITO Reviewed by Claire Matturro for Southern Literary Review

Incognito (Moonshine Cove Publishing 2021) by Terry Lewis is a riveting, high-stakes adventure story with accurate, well-drawn history about the birth of the United States. Set in the early days of the American Revolution, the tale captures the tensions and conflicts of the time in compelling action and narrative. Lewis, a former Florida Circuit judge and legal thriller author, pulls his readers right into the story of young Will Harrell and the men and women in his world. Danger and intrigue are the daily stuff of Colonial times where one’s politics could easily get one killed.

Historical fiction such as Incognito, should ideally educate as well as entertain. But educating in the guise of entertainment involves a certain trick. The historical research should definitely be accurate, but must also be incorporated into the novel with enough finesse and detail that readers are drawn into the time and place of the setting.

Yet, the historical fiction author must carefully avoid the dreaded info-dump and appearance of giving a lecture. It’s a tough balancing act. Lewis pulls it off quite splendidly in his newest novel.


The novel works well on so many levels. From the wealth of accurate history woven into the plot, one learns a lot (or renews one’s knowledge) about our country. The story also is authentic in its setting and sense of place, so it isn’t just the factual history on display, but the essence of what life was like back then. And the plot itself—part mystery, part action, part spy thriller, and with a hint of romance to boot—is fast paced and easy to read. It is hard to put down.

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Speaking at the Clerks & Comptrollers Conference
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